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Don’t Let Pests Become Your New Roommates

A wide array of pest love the warm humid climate of Houston, TX, that’s why pest control services are so important. ABET Home Services has been a reliable choice for the Greater Houston area for 35 years, making them the best choice for your Pest Control needs. Check out our customizable treatment plans to help eliminate unwanted housemates.

What Pest Control Services Do We Offer?

At ABET we cover all types of pest including, but not limited to, mice, ants, roaches, bed bugs, termite, wasps, & bees. 

Mice & Rats 

Mice and Rats come into your home seeking warmth, water, and food. They have the ability to spread diseases and cause damage to your home. We specialize in all types of rodents including house mice, Norway rats, roof rats, and deer mice. Trust ABET to rid your home of rodents.


Ants are the most common pest worldwide. They love the warm weather, which makes them very prevalent in the Houston climate. They can not only cause damage to you, but also your home and your pets. We treat all species of ants popular to the Houston area, this includes anything from a carpenter ant to a fire ant. Let ABET Home Services eliminate your property from ants and the issues they bring about.


At ABET Termite and Pest Control, we treat a multitude of roaches. They are known to survive just about anything, that is why you can trust our ABET professionals to rid your property of these resilient pests.


Termites are known to cause extreme structural damage to your home. They feast on wood, costing you a pretty penny to repair. Termites can also be hard to get rid of without proper guidance and products. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products needed to successfully eliminate your termite problem.

Wasps & Bees

Wasps and Bees can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you or anyone in your family is allergic. They can also cause damage to your home compromising the wooden structural elements of your home. Our services are not limited to just wasps and bees, we also help rid your home of hornets, yellow jackets, and cicada killers.


ABET is such a great company for all your home service needs. I am enrolled in their extermination / preventative maintenance program & have not had a bug problem since day 1. Their kind, accommodating customer service is unbeatable as well! I highly recommend using ABET for all your home needs!

- Lucy D.


Excellent service and no nonsense. You will feel comfortable with them in your home and confident in their work. I'd recommend them to anyone!

arian55 - Google


ABET inspections was able to work around my schedule, which was awesome! I work out of town a lot and was only available on the weekends. They scheduled me on a time that they normally don’t conduct business, and I was able to get a thorough and professional inspection. Austin Messina was in, on, and around every nook and cranny of my soon to be home. He was able to point out miner details that I would have not been able to catch. Yes, I would certainly recommend ABET to friends and family. A special thanks to Katie for making my appointment happen in a resiculously timely manner.

Homer C.


Alway professional, on time, thorough, and so friendly. Have used them for 2 homes.

Jasmine N.


Eric was professional and courteous. He answered questions I had about the inspection process and findings.

Rene G.


Thank you so much for amazing service!!!! Jim was way beyond amazing. He answered everything that my husband and I had questions on and he was straight on everything with us.

Shannon D.


Excellent command of inspection process, good demeanor and knowledgeable - gave good report out with helpful explanations

Rob M.


Jim was an oustanding inspector and informed me of everything he was doing and invited questions—very professional!

Michael S.


Great service. Austin was very friendly, professional and helpful. Awesome service rendered. We will be clients for a long time.

- Evelyn C.


ABET provided us with an inspection on a new home. They were prompt, professional, friendly, informative and easy to work with. We would recommend ABET to anyone looking for any type of Home Services.

- Lia C.

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