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Drain flies are also known as moth flies, sewer flies or filter flies and thrive in areas where there is lots of moisture and organic matter, which makes drains and sewer lines a perfect hangout spot for them. These tiny flies are about an 1/8th of an inch and are usually black- but may also be colored brown. The distinguishing feature of the drain fly is the unique pattern of veins in its wings. Drain flies frequent drains and plumbing because they are attracted to the drain buildup which forms over time. This decaying organic matter is a source of food for drain flies as well as a prime area where they like to breed. Contrary to popular belief, these flies don’t come up from the drain but rather come from outside once they smell the organic matter. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products needed to successfully eliminate your drain fly problem.



Fruit flies are a common household nuisance, especially in kitchens and other areas where food is stored. As apparent by their name, “fruit” flies have a special place in their hearts for fruit. Rotten or fermented fruits and vegetables happen to be the go-to favorite for this type of fly. However aside from fruit, fruit flies also like to hang around drains, garbage disposals and cans or wherever there is food or filth. The fruit fly is typically smaller than the house fly, spanning about an 1/8-inch in length including the wings. The most distinguishing feature of the fruit fly is it’s bright and bugged out red eyes. Another feature which makes the fly stand out is its tan thorax. Their abdomen is gray underneath and black on top. Fruit flies can be relatively hard to get rid of once they have entered your home and they have the potential to spoil foods more quickly through laying eggs on the item. No matter the case, fruit flies like to make themselves at home in any kitchen and will not easily leave as much as we would like them to. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products needed to successfully eliminate your fruit fly problem.


Phorid flies love to breed and feed on decaying organic matter and as such they can probably be the first fly to come around when you have a plumbing leak. However, they are also prevalent around commercial kitchens and restaurants where food can be stored and go bad and where mold can easily develop if the proper sanitation measures aren’t in order. Phorid flies are also known as humpbacked flies. They are small (about a 1/8th of an inch) and while some are dull and brown, other species are brightly colored which often makes them mistaken to be fruit flies or gnats. Phorid flies need organic matter to survive so something as simple as some spoiled meat or uncleared garbage will be enough for them to thrive. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products needed to successfully eliminate your phorid fly problem.



Fungus gnats are generally small, often tiny, flies with long legs and long thin wings, like that of a mosquito. These gnats have vein patterns in the wings and are a 1/8th of an inch long. Plants can be damaged by fungus gnats by them preferring to lay their eggs on the plant and eating at the decaying organic matter and fungus growing in the soil (hence their name) but they will also eat plant roots. Fungus gnats thrive in indoor environments and grow their populations to large amount mainly due to the moisture levels being ideal indoors. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products needed to successfully eliminate your fungus gnat problem.




House flies are usually gray and black and are between 4 to 7.5 mm long with four dark stripes on the thorax. The typical house fly can live anywhere from two to four weeks depending on climate and food supply. House flies can also fly long distances, up to 20 miles at a time. The house fly has an odd method of eating which involves regurgitating liquid from the stomach to dissolve food, then use their sponging mouthparts to suck it up. Since they only have two wings they land frequently and when they do, they leave fecal spots. These specks often contain pathogens that can cause disease in humans and animals. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products needed to successfully eliminate your house fly problem.


Blow flies, also known as bottle flies, are larger flies known for their metallic bluish green color. These flies create a very audible buzzing sound while flying and typically scavenge around rotting meat or strong odorous foods. They tend to be around urban areas and aren’t typically found indoors. When they are indoors, this could be a big problem as they may breed and lay eggs which would cause a considerable infestation. Blow flies can be found all over the world and emerge in nearly any area that is occupied by humans. Blow flies get the “blow” from their name from infesting rotted carcasses of dead animals during their larvae/maggot stage when the carcass is in a bloated condition. Blow flies lay hundreds of eggs on rotting flesh which will grow into larvae and eat the flesh until there is nothing left.

Blow flies commonly gather around dead animals and are also often found near meat processing plants, garbage dumps and slaughterhouses. They typically enter homes when they detect filth or food indoors and will come from near and from far to feast, usually through any gaps and openings around the home. Most people who deal with blow flies usually have a rodent problem. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products needed to successfully eliminate your blow fly problem.


Horse flies are larger than most other species of fly, ranging between ½ to 1 ¼ inches long and having a characteristically big head, vibrant metallic colors, and big bright green eyes. Female horse flies have a large appetite for blood and are even known to attack humans and deliver a bite much more painful than a mosquito bite. Horse flies are most active in the summertime and are known to hang around areas that are warm and humid. They can be found near beaches and lakes or low-lying pastures and creeks. Horse fly bites can be a very troublesome pest around homes and agricultural lands as their bites are known to make livestock lose weight and in humans, the bites have the potential to cause allergic reactions and spread disease. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products needed to successfully eliminate your horse fly problem.


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