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German cockroaches are easily recognizable from their two dark stripes that run along behind their head and down their back. Adult German cockroaches are light to medium brown and range in size from about ½ inch to ⅝ inch long. The young German roaches (nymphs) are smaller than adults and are wingless. They have a light stripe on their backs and are usually nearly black in color. German cockroaches are actively mostly at night and like to hide out in warm, humid places while in close proximity to food and moisture. Roaches found during the day may indicate a very heavy infestation that should be concerning. German cockroaches will eat just about anything but their main diet consists of food that humans leave behind or don’t properly clean up and dispose of. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products to successfully eliminate your German cockroach problem.



The American Cockroach is also commonly called the Palmetto or Water bug. It is reddish-brown in color and can reach lengths of 1.5 inches and bigger. Both female and male American cockroaches have wings and have the ability to fly but they only do so in rare cases. The female roach lays egg capsules which contain around 16 in warm and humid areas which contains a protective case. When the eggs hatch, nymph roaches then come out of the capsule, shed their skins and go looking for food. American cockroaches typically live outdoors and prefer warm, damp areas like gardens and on trees. Outdoors they like to eat leaves, tiny wood particles, algae and other smaller insects. When they venture on indoors, it’s in search for water or food and often go to bathrooms, kitchens or basements to seek nourishment and shelter. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products to successfully eliminate your American cockroach problem.


The brownbanded cockroach is often confused with the German cockroach since both cockroaches are on the smaller side compared to most but it actually can be easily distinguished by looking closely and seeing that the brownbanded cockroach has light colored irregular-looking brown bands running from one side to the other across the base of the wings and abdomen in adults, hence the reason for their name. When indoors, they are commonly found in furniture, or on the walls and ceilings as opposed to the kitchen and bathrooms which the German cockroach prefers to be around.

The brownbanded cockroach prefers feeding on food that is starchy however it isn’t very picky when it comes to meals and can eat just about anything. They have been known to chew on non-food materials such as nylon stockings (most likely for the residues of body oils and skin flakes). They are also known for the spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria, six kinds of parasitic worms and at least seven other kinds of human pathogens. This is usually transmitted through their droppings. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products to successfully eliminate your brownbanded cockroach problem.


Smokey brown roaches are not the typical roach you would expect to venture on into your house, but its presence tends to freak out homeowners just the same. Smokey brown cockroaches are named obviously for their appearance and color of their body being a smoky looking brown. The Smoky Brown roach is a larger roach and is closely related to the American cockroach, but smaller in size at just over one inch. Both male and female Smoky Brown roaches have wings longer than their bodies. They are avid fliers and are a type of roach that uses it’s flying abilities perhaps more than any other roach species. Smoky brown roaches tend to dehydrate quite easily so they prefer to reside in areas which are more humid and warmer. While most other roach species can go a couple of weeks without water, the Smoky Brown Roach must drink water at least every two days or it will perish. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products to successfully eliminate your smokey brown roach problem.


Known as the Cuban Cockroach, this roach is becoming a rising problem in the Southeastern United States. While it is a pest, it is actually easier to control compared to other cockroaches because of the fact that they don’t breed indoors. Cuban cockroaches are also known as the Banana cockroach because of the belief that these insects made its way on U.S. soil by being accidentally shipped with containers of ripening green bananas which they blended in with. Adult Cuban cockroaches are between ¾ of an inch to an inch long and are light colored green with male roaches being more slender and having a yellowish underside while females are darker colored and have wider bodies. Nymph Cuban roaches look very different from adults, usually being colored brown or black. Cuban cockroaches have wings and like to fly a lot more than other cockroach species. Also unlike other species of cockroach, the Cuban cockroach is attracted to light and can be easily spotted flying next to light fixtures and lamps. Luckily for homeowners, they are more likely to infest gardens than homes and feast on fruits and leaves. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products needed to successfully eliminate your Cuban cockroach problem.


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Excellent command of inspection process, good demeanor and knowledgeable - gave good report out with helpful explanations

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