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Wolf spiders are a hairy spider that ranges in size from ¼ inch to over 2 inches. They are normally grayish to brownish but can also be black. There are over 100 species of wolf spider found in the United States alone and unlike most spiders, they don’t use webs. Instead, their habitat mainly consists of burrows in the ground. Wolf Spiders usually enter homes either by accident or while in search of prey. Their diet mainly consists of smaller insects and when entering a home, they may seek shelter in small confined spaces such as under furniture and floorboards. You wouldn’t want to come near a wolf spider as they tend to bite when alarmed. When they do bite they inject venom but it isn’t severe to humans and may only just be itchy and irritating and nothing more. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products to successfully eliminate your wolf spider problem. 


The Yellow Sac Spider is found all over the United States and has become an increasing problem to worry about for homeowners. The yellow sac spider is a smaller spider standing about a quarter of an inch in length and is called a sac spider due to its habit of sleeping in self-made silk sacs. Yellow Sac spiders are a very active species both during the day and at night and have the inconvenient habit of making their homes in human dwellings. In the wild, they're normally found in small cocoon type web formations between leaves, brick piles, tree bark and virtually anywhere in the garden. Another reason why Yellow Sac spiders are a worry is because of their tendency to be very defensive and prone to bite. People are normally bitten when putting on clothes that the sac spider may have crawled into, but they will bite in virtually any other circumstance, as well. Bites can be painful and can cause swelling around the bite site; weakness in local extremities; fever; nausea; vomiting; cramping; and sometimes even cold or flu-like symptoms that can last quite some time. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products to successfully eliminate your sac spider problem.


Brown recluse spiders have spread out across the southern to midwest United States and is starting to expand northward. They range between a dull yellow to tawny, darkish brown and are distinguished by a fiddle-like marking on their back. They also have a unique eye pattern with six to eight eyes arranged in a semicircle. They are quite small with adults measuring approximately ¼ - ½ inch long. Brown recluse spiders are nocturnal and like to live alone and build webs in dark secluded corners. These spiders are poisonous and bite when they feel threatened or disturbed. Bites may be painful and leave a bit of irritation but in rare cases, a blister can develop into an open ulcer and can bring about symptoms like restlessness, fever and trouble sleeping. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products to successfully eliminate your brown recluse spider problem.



Considered one of the most dangerous and most poisonous spiders in North America, the black widow spider (particularly the female black widow spider) is very aggressive, especially when protecting their eggs or when feeling threatened. These spiders are found throughout the U.S. and have been known to enter homes and hide in dark, undisturbed areas of the home. They are not social creatures and like to be left alone and not be bothered. However, if they are in your home, this can present a problem that may be quite scary to deal with. Black widow spiders have a distinct look: they are shiny black in color and have a red hourglass-shaped marking on its abdomen. The black widow can create its habitat either indoors or outdoors. When outdoors, black widow spiders usually live in tucked away areas under stones and in firewood piles. They are often found in barns, outhouses and sheds. Indoors, black widows like to hang around cluttered areas of garages, crawl spaces and basements. If you have the misfortune of black widow spiders present in your home, you must take immediate action to protect you and your family from the potential harm they can deliver. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products to successfully eliminate your black widow spider problems.


While there are quite a few species of funnelweb spiders that vary in appearance, in general they are colored brownish or grayish with their legs and other body parts being very hairy possessing markings that are darker in color than the rest of their body. They are also a smaller spider, ranging from about 1/5 of an inch to about ¾ of an inch. The distinguishing trait of funnel web spiders is a tail-like structure on their back side which shoots out web silk used for spinning their webs. They are called funnelweb spiders from their webs looking funnel shaped which they use as both a mechanism to trap insects and to create a hiding space to ambush bugs to eat. They have been known to create their webs in grass, bushes, wooded areas, gardens, small burrows, corners of buildings, under rocks, and in dark areas inside homes. You can usually tell you have an infestation of funnelweb spiders from finding webs around your home. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products to successfully eliminate your funnelweb spider problems.


The tarantula is the world largest spider which can range from one to four inches in body length with leg spans of up to one foot (12 inches), meaning that it can be as large as the size of a dinner plate. Tarantulas come in a variety of different colors but are mainly black or brown in color and have hairy bodies. The body hair of the tarantula is also a distinguishing trait since its very dense and abundant and makes tarantulas appear larger than they really are. Tarantulas are nocturnal creatures of the night and do most of their hunting for food when it is dark. They like to eat small insects and even occasionally eat frogs, smaller lizards and other spiders. They are a very shy creature and tend to scurry away from humans unless threatened and that is when they would bite. However, the bite is not deadly. When hanging around yards and homes, a tarantula likes to make its home around dark corners in garages, storage spaces and crawl spaces which will have webbing around it. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products to successfully eliminate your tarantula problem.


Daddy Long Legs are also known as harvestmen and have fragile bodies and extremely thin hair-like legs. Daddy Long Legs have one body segment, two eyes, eight legs and are quite small spanning 5/16 of an inch in length.

Daddy longlegs are known by their common myth of being the most poisonous of all spiders but their fangs are too small to penetrate human skin. However, they are still a nuisance around the home and can congregate in large numbers in basements, crawl spaces and other dark and damp secluded places around the home but rarely appear indoors. They typically lay their eggs in soil, under rocks, or in cracks of wood or bark, and these eggs hatch in spring. If gone uncontrolled, the Daddy longlegs can rise in population and leave traces of webbing around plants and other parts of your home. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products to successfully eliminate your daddy long leg problem.


The Brazilian wandering spider is a larger spider but slightly smaller than the largest of spiders, the Tarantula. They can grow to have a leg span of up to four to five inches, hairy and have eight eyes- two of which are large. Brazilian wandering spiders move very quickly, their legs are strong and spiny and they have distinctive red jaws which they display when angered. Another scary thing about the wandering spider is it’s warning dance which it does to ward off potential predators. It does this by lifting its two front legs high into the air, and moving from side to side. Brazilian wandering spiders are also nicknamed banana spiders because of its tendency to latch onto batches of bananas. However, oddly enough they do not eat bananas. There have even been instances where they were unknowingly in bags of bananas at the grocery stores. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products to successfully eliminate your wandering spider problem.



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