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Of all the common household pests that homeowners encounter, there is probably none more damaging than termites, most notably the subterranean termite (also known as the Eastern subterranean termites). If left untreated, these termites can eat into your home which will cost a pretty penny to repair. Eastern Subterranean termites are social creatures and live in colonies where every termite has a specific role. Worker termites are cream-colored and do most of the eating and foraging for cellulose, a prime component in wood. Most of a colony consists of worker termites. Then there are the soldier termites who are slightly bigger than workers at about ¼ inch-long. Equipped with large intimidating jaws, soldier termites main task is to protect the colony against potential intruders.

There are also alates or “swarmer” termites which are winged with their role being to produce new colonies. If you see this type of termites out and about in your home, it is a cause for concern since it’s an indication of a large infestation within your home. Finally, there are the reproductives known as the queens and kings which stay within the colony the full span of their lives. Eastern subterranean termites are ground dwelling termites and invade homes from moist soil around and beneath structures. They basically travel from the soil to the wooden structure there they feed and create tunnels to travel and have easy access to their food source which unfortunately is your home. Eastern Subterranean termites are known as silent destroyers because they are rarely heard and can be quietly destroying your house without detection. These termites can also be hard to get rid of without the proper guidance and products. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products needed to successfully eliminate your termite problem.


While subterranean termites are possibly the species of termite that is the biggest threat to the homeowner, there is a subspecies within subterranean termites that is particularly troublesome--the formosan termite. Formosan termites are known as “super termites” and can cause a ridiculous amount of damage due to their overly aggressive behavior. Formosan termite colonies can also grow to astronomical amounts, up to 10 million in a colony.

Much like subterranean termites, the formosan termite has three forms of termite distinctions within its colony – workers, soldiers and alates (swarmers). The Formosan Termite alate is .5 -.6 inches long with a yellowish-brown body. The soldier formosan stands out due to its, which is the shape of a teardrop and orangish-brown in color. This breed of termite prefers warmer climates and their population is concentrated mainly across southern parts of the United States including Alabama, Florida, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas and Tennessee. Large swarms of formosan termites creep up during the spring and summer months which are the times which it is advised for homeowners to be on high alert and to conduct control programs to prevent these termites from damaging property, which formosan termites are responsible for up to two billion dollars in damages annually. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products needed to successfully eliminate your termite problem.


Drywood termites are also a major problem for homeowners and treating them the same way you would treat subterranean termites will prove to be ineffective as they have unique habits and behavior which should be approached differently when attempting to control their infesting populations. Drywood termites like to reside, feed and build nests in fresh wood and do not depend on moisture or soil for survival unlike subterranean termites. Because of this fact, drywood termites have been known to reside inside of dead trees., utility poles, lumber in storage and even home furniture. Like other termite species, they are social and live within a caste system of reproductives, workers and soldiers. Male and Female reproductives can grow up to 1/2 inch long. Drywood termites have soft bodies which are shaped in cylindrical fashion and are usually pale brown in color. Soldier termites are 3/8 of an inch long. The clear signs that you may have an infestation of drywood termites is the presence of swarmers moving about in your home or their wings left behind. Another warning sign includes drywood termites signature: frass. These are small mounds of wood-based fecal pellets which they discard while making tunnels. Thankfully, ABET has all the professional tools and products needed to successfully eliminate your termite problem.



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